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Things to consider before buying a laptop in 2019

If you want to buy a laptop, then this question will definitely come in your mind. Which processor should i take i3 or i5 or i7. Which processor should i take AMD or Intel. How many GB of RAM should i take? Should take 2GB or take 4GB or take 8GB. And which operating system should we take? And much more.

Friends, when you want to buy any computer for the first time in life, then all these questions will definitely come in your mind. But do you know the answers to all these questions? So to know the answers to all these questions, you read this article completely.

Things to consider before buying a laptop:-

first of all you have to think that for what purpose i buying computer? Means for work purpose or for other works. So now it comes to whether we should take a laptop or a desktop? Desktop are able to do more work than laptops.

Things to consider before buying a laptop
Things to consider before buying a laptop
The advantage of taking a laptop is that it is portable and has a good battery backup. But in future you can not make any changes in the laptop, that means you cannot change the processor of the laptop and you can not change graphic cards of the laptop. But you can change the ram and hard-disk.

The advantage of taking a desktop is that you can change the different parts of desktop in the future. Such as processor, graphic card, motherboard etc. But it is not portable. Here we will discuss that how to choose a right laptop.

By using the desktop, you will find a better performance than a laptop.

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How to choose laptop processor:-

So now let's talk about the processor. There are two types of companies in the market that make processors, one is Intel and the other is AMD. If you want to buy a laptop below the price of RS 20000 then you can take a processor of AMD. Because AMD processor costs less but its power is higher compared to Intel.


But if you want to buy a laptop above the price of 20000, then you can take Intel processor. The Intel company makes different types of processes.
Meaning that the Intel company makes processors for different tasks.

If you do not have to do much work in a laptop, and if you want to watch movies or browsing or want to perform some small task then you should take the i3 processor. And if you want to do video editing or want to run big software then you should take the i5 processor. Because in the i3 processor you cannot do all this work easily. And if you want to playing high quality games then you should take i7 processor.

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How to choose a laptop RAM:-

then second is ram(random access memory). The work of processor is processing of the data. Whenever you open a software in your computer, it is stored in memory. And there comes the concept of RAM. Meaning if your computer will have more RAM then you can run many software simultaneously.

If you take i3 processor then 4GB RAM is sufficient for you. If you take i5 or i7 processor then 8GB RAM is right for you. And there are also generations of RAM. Such as DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 etc. The latest version of ram is DDR4.

How to choose laptop hard drive:-

Then third is hard drive. There are two types of hard drives.
1. HDD (hard disk drive)
2. SSD (solid state drive)

You get more space in HDD. for example 1TB, 2TB and more. If you required more space or memory then according to your requirements you can choose your required hard drive. Speed of read-write is more inside SSD compared to HDD. But you get less space in SSD. SSD has a higher price than HDD.

What we have discussed is all about hardware parts of laptop. Now let's know about software.

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Best os for pc or laptop:-

When you go to buy a laptop, the salesman asks you which operating system do you want. And you may ask that what is the best operating system for PC or laptop? There are many types of operating system in laptop.

For example,
1. Windows
2. Linux
3. Dos
4. Ubantu

But most people use the Windows operating system. If you want to buy windows operating system then the price of windows operating system is aroun 6000. Linux and dos are operating system are free.

If you buy a laptop of a DOS operating system, then you can later upgrade the operating system of Windows in that laptop.

Fourth is screen size and resolution. According to your requirements you can choose the screen size of laptops. Such as 15.6 inch, 14.8 inch etc.

It all depends on your budget. If your budget is high then you can buy laptop which has more configuration. But if you buy laptop for your home then I recommended that you should buy desktop. Because desktop has more power than laptop.

So friends in this article we have discussed the things consider before buying a laptop? And how to choose a laptop? And I hope now you can choose laptop as per your requirement. If you like this article then share it to your friends. If you have any questions then you can ask your questions in comment. Thank you.

Friday, September 6, 2019

How many types of websites are exist- do you know?

There are many websites are present on the internet and each website has its goal and targeted users. Basically there are many types of websites. We will discuss all the types of websites in this article.

In this article we will learn the different types of websites and also we will see the difference between those websites. So read this article fully. So let's get start.

How many types of websites
Types of websites

The collection of pages is known as website. A website contains information, images, videos, audios and much more. Websites are made with the help of programming languages. 
Every website has its own name which is known as domain or URL. Such as We can access websites with the help of a browser. Such as a Chrome, Firefox, safary, mozila etc.

Each website has its target users. When you create a website, you first think what kind of people will use my website and why people will use my website. And what information or services will those people get from my website. Do you think about all these when you create a website. So let's know how many types of websites are there.

How many types of websites:-

1. Static websites:-

Now you have question that what is static website?  A static website consists mostly of a single web page. This is a basic website. Content and information in this type of website does not change frequently. 
Such websites are for information purposes only. 
If You create your own personal website that contains information about you such as what is your name, address, email id, mobile number, hobbies etc then it is known as a static website.

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2. Dynamic websites:-

What is dynamic websites? Dynamic websites can be of different types. Such as a social media websites, e-commerce websites etc. The content of dynamic websites change frequently. And the information in the dynamic website is updated regularly. Ex. Facebook.

When you login to your Facebook account, you get your information. Such as your name, email, address, friend list, photos, videos etc. Someone else can't see your information. And when your friend logs into his Facebook account, he gets his information such as his name, his friend list and his photos etc. You can't see your friend's information.

Means in dynamic websites the design remain same but the information will changes according to the user.

In dynamic websites, you get different information on the same page and it changes regularly. 

Another example of dynamic website is when you log in to your Amazon account you will see the list of products according to your past activities and search histories. And your friend will see different types of products in his amazon account.

There are database in dynamic websites. And your information is stored in the database. Where as in static website there is no database.

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3. Personal presentation website:-

It is a kind of individual or personal website. If you are a fashion designer or photographer then you can create your personal presentation website where you can give the information about you and your job etc. And you can give your services to your website's visitors and expand your business.

In simple words, the website of what is your work etc. The goal of this type of website is personal promotion and personal branding.

4. Corporate websites:-

A corporate website is similar to a personal presentation website. Most companies create such a website to provide their service. Targeted users of this type of website are the clients of that company. Where you can get to know how the company works and what kind of benefits you can get. 

A corporate website can also be a dynamic website which may have different sections and information. 

5. Sharing websites:-

Sharing websites are also known as platforms. Where you can share your content. Such as a social media platform. Where you can share your photos, videos etc. 
 Ex. Forum websites. In this type of websites you can get more information of your doubts and questions.

6. Educational websites:-

You may have to know that what is an educational website? The goal of this type of websites is to share knowledge and education to the students and everybody. You can do any course by visiting this type of websites. 

Educational website is also known as online informative platforms. Where you can learn different type of courses and many more that are useful for you.

Ex. is a educational website. where you can learn programming languages.

7. Directory websites:-

You get many types of information in the directory website. There are many types of categories. You can get information by choosing related category if the category available. Such as a list of companies in your area etc. 

There are many other types of websites are available on the internet. Such as a blog website, social website, news website.

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So now you know how many types of websites are available. If you want to read more helpful article then you can read our articles and you can subscribe our blog for future updates. Thank you.

Most useful programming languages to learn web development

Everybody wants to success in his/her life and for that he/she tries his/her best to archive his/her dream.

Friends, today I am going to talk about 4 such programming languages, which you can learn and become a web designer and web developer. When it comes to selecting programming languages, we have a lot of options and confusions. Such as which programming languages should i learn that benefit me or what are the most useful programming languages? And how to make a website. And you may have a question that how to become a web developer or web designer?

Most useful programming languages
Most useful programming languages

To remove this confusion, if you are searching on the internet, then you have come to the right place. Read this article till the end so that all your doubts are cleared.

Most useful programming languages:-

1. HTML:-

the full form of HTML is hyper text mark-up language.

What is use of html? So friends html is used for creating a structure of a website. Html is a most useful programming language in web designing. If you want to become a web designer or web developer then you must learn this language. Without html you cannot learn web designing.

There are many other languages ​​by which you can create a web page, but you should have to learn HTML. If you want to become a web designer then you should start with HTML.

for the complete information about HTML Read This : 
what is HTML ?

The home pages or front pages in a website can be created with the help of html. This language is a user friendly and easy to learn. If you have not any idea or knowledge of programming, you can still learnt this language.

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2. CSS:-

Css stands for cascading style sheet.

What is the use s of css? Css is used for applying some style or designing to a web page. The layout of a website is created with the help of css. You can use this language inside the html file or you can create other css file and then link that file to a html file. After applying css your website will becomes interactive and beautiful. You will know everything when you learn this programming language.

Without CSS, you cannot give a good interface to a website. When someone visits your website, they should make your website look good. For that you have to use css. By using css you can includes images, videos, font style, colors in your website.

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Java script is a scripting language. Java script is another most useful programming language in web development.

 There are to types of scripting languages.
1. Client side scripting languages.
2. Server side scripting languages.

What is  use of Java script? To provide good appearance we use Java script. you have to apply some meaningful logic when you write code in java script. Such as mathematical calculation, looping etc. You can get output according to your logic that you have applied in your code of Java script.

This language is easy to learn compare to other scripting languages.

If you will learn HTML, CSS and JAVA SCRIPT then you can make complete website and also you are eligible for the post of web designer. These 3 languages are very important to make a website. 

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4. PHP:-

php stands for personal home page. It is a one type of server side scripting language. It means whatever code we write in php it will exicutes in server side. We use this to take information of the database from the server.

There are many server side scripting languages but most of them php is used. And for making dynamic web pages we use php.

Apart from these four programming languages, there are many more programming languages by which you can create a website. For example python, go, Ruby etc. But you should starts with these four programming languages. if will learn these four programming languages then you will become a web developer or a web designer. 

If you don't know or if you don't want to learn programming languages and want to build a website then you can still make it. There are 2 most famous platform where you can make your own website.
1. Blogger
2. Wordpress

If you want to make a free website then read the below article where I explained that how to make a free website in blogger.

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So friends in this article we learned what programming languages we should learn to become a web developer and most useful programming languages for become a web developer. And also we discussed about the uses of html, css, java script and php.

If you still have any doubts then you can ask your doubts in the comment. If you like this post then share it to your friends and subscribe our blog for more information. Thank you.

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Computer unknown facts- do you know about it

Computer unknown facts:-

Hello friends,  you are welcome today in this new article. Today I will discuss about some related facts of computer. That you should know about. So to learn about unknown facts of computer you have to read this article fully. So let's get start.

Computer unknown facts, computer inovation
Computer unknown facts

 Friends, who do not know about computers nowadays? Everyone knows about. And we use computer. So here we will discuss about computer and its innovation and also the parts of computer like hard-disk, pen drive, mouse etc.. and its innovation.

First pen drive,

You know about that  Charles Babbage is called the father of computer. Nowadays you see 32GB or 64GB pen drive in small size.  But did you know how big the first pen drive was? The size of the world's first pen drive(IBM 11, 13) was as big as a washing machine. And it was invented by IBM. And the capacity to store data of this pan drive was only 5MB. 

Computer unknown facts, first pendrive
First pendrive

 And you know what is the capacity of pen drive nowadays. Now that you are using Windows in your computer, it was Microsoft's project. When this project was about to begin, then the name of this project was named Interface Manager. But after that the name of this project was named Windows Suitable. 

Otherwise, the name of the operating system you are using may be the interface manager. What a nice name " interface manager". Please tell us in the comment box that how you feel about this name.

Our smart phone is also a computer and it is a mini computer. That is amazing.
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First hard-disk,

The world's first hard-disk was invented by IBM and the capacity of this hard-disk was only 1 GB. And that hard disk was worth millions. It was very costly. IBM's first computer built by IBM's 12  engineers. And the name of that computer was the dirty dozen.

The world's first micro-processor was made by Intel company. And that microprocessor was just made for calculator not computer. But later Intel company updated that processor. And later that processor started using in the computer. And now Intel company keeps trying to make their processors smaller.

Computer is a sea of information and general knowledge. Now a days when we require the information about any topic, simply we search it on the internet and get the information about that topic. Computer is an amazing gadget in the world. 

9 of the 10 supercomputers work on the Linux operating system. Because there are no viruses in the Linux operating system mostly.  Yo do not think you should use Linux too.

The world's first web browser was built in 1980. And it was made by Certain burner lee. Whose name was World Wide Web, later changed its name to Nexes.

Computer unknown facts, world's first web browser
World's first web browser

Do you know who made the world's first mouse? The world's first mouse was created by the Dogles. Who was a computer engineer. And that mouse was made entirely of wood, leaving the wire. Nowadays all of you know about the mouse.

Do you know how much long word you can type in the keyboard by using only one row and which word you can write? So you can write the long word "TYPEWRITER" only by using only one row.

The world's first computer size was as large as a room and the weight of that computer was 50 tons. So you can get an idea of how big the world's first computer was.

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So friends were some facts related to computer and technology that you should know about. If this article is helpful to you then share this blog post with your friends and if you are interested to learn about computer, technology, social media tips and tricks, blogging then you can follow this blog. Thank you.

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Useful websites for students and people-most useful websites

Useful websites for students and people:-

Hello Friends, today i will talk about some of the Internet's useful websites that you should use.

Useful websites for students and people, useful websites
Useful websites for students and people

You will find millions of websites in the internet, but which of those websites is useful for us, it is difficult to find out. But in this article, I will tell you about some of the websites that are useful to you. Which is very important for every computer and internet users, students, employees and programmers.

You should know about all these websites. This website can work for you at any time, then you can read this article fully.

Most useful websites:-

This website is very useful for internet users and student. If you have to download a PDF of any book or any other thing, you can easily download it from this website. And you can download it for free.

You will find many PDF in this website. And you can download that PDF for free. If you want to download PDF of excel short-cut keys then simply search this topic and then you can download it. All new book's PDFs are also available in this website. 

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This website is very important for those people who are interested in photography. You might have seen somewhere that when you take a photo, there is some unhealthy thing in the background. And in this website you can remove your photo's background easily.

If you want to remove the background of photos, you can use Photoshop or any such application, but it takes more time. But in this website you can remove it by single click.

Just upload the photo that you want to remove that photo's background to this website and within a few seconds the background will be deleted from your photos. your photos will  not be stored on this website. So don't worry. And this website is free to use. And you can easily use this website.

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Useful websites for students,


Best websites to learn programming | This website is useful for students and programmers. If you want to learn programming languages then you can learn these languages in this website. And it is free to learn, no need to pay fees.

Useful websites for students and people, most useful websites
Best website to learn programming

Many other websites are available on the Internet. But this website is most popular to learn programming. And all programming language's course and PDFs are available in this website such as HTML, CSS, c, c++, Java, python etc... 

You can also do practices in this website along with theories. And you can develop your programming skills. I am using this website it is very useful.

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4. and

Best site to download free images| This websites are very useful for bloggers and Youtubers. When you write post on your website or make a video for youtube then you need some copyright free images. 

So you can download that image in this website and it is free to download images. All images those are available in this website are copyright free and you can use it on your website or in your website.

Simply open this website and search your topic that is related to image. And download that image free. And all images are 100℅ copyright free. 

If you have not blog then read this,

How to create blog for free and earn money

5. is very useful for all person not only for students. is the questions or answer type forum website. In this website you can ask your query or questions and you will get answers in this website. You can ask questions about any topic such as education, business, health, study, global etc...

And also you can write answers if you know. And you can read other questions and its answers and improve your knowledge. Quora has million questions and its answers. It is easy to use and this website is used by many people.


Friends, you all are know about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the most used and popular website in the internet. In Wikipedia thousands of article are available. 

and also biography of famous person, books, celebrity, health and education related articles are available there. You can share your articles about any topic that helpful for people and knowledgeable in Wikipedia. 

So friends did you like this article? Notify me by commenting. If you like it, then share it with your friends or social media. And you can follow my blog to learn blogging, technical tips and tricks, technology. Thanks for reading.    

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How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media:-

By using social media  platforms you can get high quality traffic for your website or blog. Increase your website traffic by social media.

Hello friends, in this article i will tell you that how you can get more traffic by using social media platforms. And also how to use it in proper way. So you read this article completely.

Nowadays every internet user uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App, Quora, Pinterest etc..
By using these platforms you can get more traffic to your website or blog. According to a survey, the maximum use of internet is on social media only. Every internet user uses social media several times in a day. For this reason we can get traffic from social media. 

Many social apps or websites are available on the internet.

Social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Hangout
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Quora( Q & A platform)
So here I will tell you about some social platform from where you can get traffic to your website.

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How to get traffic from social media.

1. Facebook:-

How to get traffic from Facebook?  Everybody uses Facebook and Facebook is the third largest most popular website or app in the world. 

In Facebook, people share their photos, videos and their stories.  If you want to get traffic from Facebook then you have to share your website link on Facebook as well. 

How to get traffic on my blog for free by Facebook
How to get traffic from Facebook

On Facebook,share your website link two or three times in a day. If you share only blog posts links on Facebook, your Facebook account may be blocked. And if you want to get more traffic then you can create your own Facebook page. And you can also share your blog post's link on your Facebook page.

And you can also run your website's Ads on Facebook, but you have to pay for it. You should create more and more friends on Facebook. Because if you have more friends then more people will visit your website. And besides, you can get traffic on your website by joining a related group from your website on Facebook.

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2. Quora ( Q & A platform):-

Friends, is the most popular website. is the questions and answers type platform. Where people ask questions and answer the question.

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media
How to get traffic from quora

How to get traffic from quora.

To get traffic from quora you first need to create an account on quora. And after that you should ask some questions and give some question's answers. 

You can find the question that relates to your website quora and answer that question and in that answer you can insert a link of your website. And whenever someone will read your answer and she/he want to know more about it, then 100%  he/she will visit your website.

But remember you can not write an answers by copying someone else's answer on quora. If you do this then your account may be blocked and that too too quickly. Once my account was also blocked. 

Quora is the most used in united states. And from quora you can get foreign visitors.

3. Instagram:-

Like Facebook, Instagram is also a huge social platform. And from here also you can get lots of traffic for your website. You can share your website's link on Instagram. 

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media
Get traffic from Instagram

Also you can create your business account on Instagram and get more traffic.

4. Pinterest:-

Pinterest is a very large social media platform, and most uses of pinterest are in the United States, Russia and European countries.

You must first create your account on pinterest. And later you can make your board in your account. And on that board you can share your blog post.

How to get free traffic on your blog
Get free traffic from pinterest

Like Facebook or Instagram people follow each other even in pinterest. But here is something different. if you have 50000 subscribers on YouTube, but you can get only 10000-15000 views. But if you have only 500 subscribers on Pintrest, you will get views in thousands.

And on pinterest, you only have to share the link to your blog post.

5. Telegram:-

Telegram is a one type of messenger app like Whatsapp. As you all know, there is only 250-300 members can join in 1 group in WhatsApp, but on a Telegram there may be unlimited members can joining in a group.

How to get traffic on my blog for free using social media
Get free traffic from telegram

You can join those groups whose related to your website or blog. And you can share your blog post's link. You do not share more links on Telegram. And also you can create your channel on telegram. 

You can get the maximum traffic to your website using the social media platforms above. If you have any queries then you can ask it in the comment. If you like this blog post then please do comment. If you want to know more about technical tips and tricks then you can follow this blog. Thank you.

Important settings in facebook- tips and tricks

Important settings in Facebook-tips and tricks:-

Hello friends, Welcome to this new article today. In this article, I will tell you some things related to Facebook and some important settings in Facebook. If you want to know about these settings, read this article till the article ends.

Important settings in facebook- tips and tricks, secure your Facebook account
Important settings in Facebook- tips and tricks

Friends, everybody uses Facebook nowadays. Whether it is a child or a young man. Every internet user uses Facebook. Facebook is the world's third largest website or app. 

There are some important settings in Facebook that you should use. So today I will tell you about some of these essential settings. So let's get start.

Facebook tips and tricks:-

1. Facebook tagging:-

You share your photos or videos on Facebook. And if you do not want your friend to tag those photos or videos, then you have to use this setting.

So  Let's see how you can activate this setting on your Facebook.

Steps to activate Facebook tagging setting.

  • Open your Facebook app or website and login to your Facebook account.
  • Then click on three lines in the top-right corner.
Important settings in facebook- tips and tricks, Facebook new features
Important settings in Facebook

  • After that scroll down and try to find the option " account setting".
  • And simply click on " account setting".
  • Then click on " timeline and tagging".
Important settings in facebook- tips and tricks, Facebook update
Important settings in Facebook

  • After that you can see the option " Review post friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline".
  • Click on that option.
  • And ON this setting or activate this setting.

After activated this setting your friend can't tags your photos or videos without your permission.

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2. Add phone number:-

Many people do not add mobile numbers to their Facebook account. If you have not added a mobile number to your Facebook account and if later you forget the password of your Facebook account, you can not easily reset it.

If you have added your mobile number on Facebook, you can easily reset the password. If you do not want anyone to see your phone number you can hide it too. 

Steps to activate this setting.

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on three line in top-right corner.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Scroll down and click on " about".
  • After click on " MORE ABOUT".
  • Simply scroll down and find " contact info" and click on it.
  • After that enter your phone number and verify it.
3.  Timeline/ wall post:-

If you want to that your friend can't write post on your timeline then you can use this setting.

Steps to activate timeline/wall post setting.

  • Open you Facebook account and tap on three line.
  • Scroll down and tap on " account setting".
  • After that tap on the option "timeline and tagging".
  • Click on the first option "who can post on your timeline".
  • Then select "only me" if you want to only you can write post on your timeline.
4. Friend list ( Facebook friend list privacy):-

Most of the Facebook users open their friend list public. If you do this thing then anybody can check your friend list. If you want to that anybody can't see my Facebook friend list then you can use this setting to hide your friend list.

Steps to activate Facebook friend list privacy.

  • Open your Facebook and go to your profile.
  • Click on my friend.
  • After that you can see the option" who can see your friend list. By default it is public.
  • Click on " public".
  • The you can see three options.
  1. Public
  2. Friends
  3. Only me
  • If you want to that only you can see your friend list then select "only me".
  • If you want to that your friend and you can see your friend list then select "friend".
5. Recovery Email:-

The advantage of activating this setting would be that if you forget your Facebook account password in the future, you can reset it. You can also do this by adding a mobile number. 

Steps to activate Recovery email setting:-

  • Open your Facebook app and click on three line.
  • Scroll down and try to find the option " general".
  • Click on that.
  • After that click on Email.
  • And simply enter your email address and then verify your email address.

If you like this article then can share this article on your social media. And you can do comment on this article. If you want to learn about technical tips and tricks, blogging, technology then you can follow this blog to get notification when I post new article. Thank you.